Email newsletter expert Michael Katz writes one of my all-time favorite email newsletters and helps other service professionals do the same. They’re one of the most effective ways to build stronger relationships with those you already know and no one does it better than Michael.

In our interview, Michael shares what solopreneurs need to know to create their own successful email newsletter. And we cover some great networking tips along the way as well.

Listen and learn direct from Michael:

  • How being authentic sets you apart from faceless corporations
  • What to improve for increasing your odds of getting word of mouth referrals
  • How to turn email newsletters into a lead-generation machine
  • The crazy and fun annual business birthday bash Michael throws every year
  • How to easily host small events to build strong relationships
  • 4 questions small business owners must answer for effective email marketing
  • How NOT to start your new email newsletter (do this instead)
  • The first step to creating a great email newsletter
  • When and how often you should publish your email newsletter (and when to avoid sending)
  • The write once, use many times social media strategy
  • How to turn your email newsletters into a lasting legacy

Important Links & Mentions

Michael Katz’s Website
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Michael Katz’s Book – The Likeable Expert

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