After more than 30 years in the trenches of business planning, Burke Franklin has discovered not only how to plan ahead, but how to do so in a conscious way that corresponds with your own values and creates strong value propositions for partners, investors and clients alike.

Listen and learn:

  • How Burke got started writing business plans to help a friend get a business deal with Apple
  • Why good business plans must influence people at different levels for deals and investments
  • The importance of planning for growth even if you’re not seeking outside capital
  • How solopreneurs can use Business Power Tools® to create or expand a consulting business
  • What it means to run a conscious business
  • The importance of consciousness in hiring people who share your values
  • The Missionary vs Mercenary business mindset (and why you need both)
  • The importance of positive language framing
  • Why and how you should evaluate your successes
  • Two serious flaws in SMART goalsetting – and Burke’s suggested revision

Truly Effective SMART Goal Setting
(Redefined Acronym)

Important Links & Mentions

Burke Franklin’s Business Power Tools Website
Note: Solopreneur Success Connections members get a BIG discount on Business Power Tools. Use the special link on the Member Rewards & Resources page to get it.

Book: Business Black Belt by Burke Franklin

Book: Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz

Book: The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz

Toastmasters International


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