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What Others Are Saying…

“One of the Best Ideas I’ve Experienced In a Long Time”

Your session today Steve was one of the best ideas I’ve experienced in a long time. It’s like interviewing someone before they are invited in my network. Nobody does that. Keep at it. This could even be called an “essential service”!

Andre Pilon
B2B Content Marketer

“Powerful Learning Lessons”

Since the time I’ve been a part of the AWAI copywriting tribe, I’ve heard of Steve Coombes and his special talents at creating great copy.

This year I had the privilege of interacting with him in person at our annual boot camp to get feedback on my website, on narrowing down my niche, and above all, to get one-on-one training on starting my own podcast.

Having started one of his own not too long ago, Steve could guide me and prepare me for the initial hitches that I might encounter. I think that’s one of the powerful learning lessons we can have from someone right ahead of us in the trenches.

One special talent that makes Steve stand apart is his easy-going, smiling personality even while being super-focused on the goal. This trait absolutely helps clients and trainees feel at ease and grasp the content.

I look forward to more learning from Steve and I wish him a lot of success in helping businesses grow.

Balaka B. Ghosal
Web Content Optimizer, Author, Speaker, The Green Writer

“Helps the Lost Solopreneur Find Their Way”

Steve is a value adder. He helps the lost solopreneur find their way. His podcast is top quality! As Steve continues to grow and develop what he’s doing, I recommend keeping up with what he shares! I know it will add value.

Alex Sanfilippo
Podcast Host, Creating a Brand Podcast

“Valuable Insights From Our Conversation”

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today! In addition to the clarity about where I really want to go with this, I think one of the most valuable insights from our conversation is that the biggest roadblock holding me back from reaching my goals has been my mindset, and that as I continue to work on skills and business building, I should work on upgrading my mindset as well. I’ve got the skills and resources, I’ve got an office set up, I’m working on handling the influence of people around me, I’ve got a functional to-do list and a system for getting things done. I’ve really made so much progress using my current resources since the beginning of the year, and now that I know my mindset is the biggest challenge, I can take steps to improve that as well. Thank you so much for your help!

Sarah Grosskopf
Freelance Historical Copywriter

“He Can See Your Strengths and Weaknesses”

“Steve is a practical person with a keen eye as to what needs improvement. He can see your strengths and weaknesses and then tell you how to set aside your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.”

Glenn Evans
Director Risks and Projects; Technical and Business Writer, Kinetic Energy Factory Company (KEKSA)