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Dear Solopreneur,

Sick of grinding through day after day as a slow-growth company of one?

It’s not what you signed up for, am I right?

Sure, you know the path to success…

… yet days, weeks and months slip by with little core skill improvement, big idea generation, or meaningful new business connections made.

Not to mention the constant feeling of isolation.

It’s maddening. And unnecessary.

You’ve just arrived at the solution. And it’s yours free.

Steve Coombes Wearing Freedom HatHi, I’m Steve Coombes, the Solopreneur Coach™.

I’ve made it my mission to help solopreneurs start and grow profitable businesses that serve them and their families.

Businesses run by fiercely independent solopreneurs who aren’t afraid of hard work and expect to reap the rewards of their efforts.

Ones where their owners decide how they’ll spend their time, where they’ll work from, and how much they’ll earn.

And, just as important, businesses that fit their owners’ vision, mission and life purpose so they’ll experience joy and satisfaction throughout their journey.

They’re businesses run by solopreneurs just like you.

I created the Solopreneur Success Connections community with you in mind. A community that offers you a warm welcome to a more fulfilling and satisfying world of business building.

Inside our community you’ll meet and share ideas with other solopreneur business owners from every industry and level of experience.

Writers, coaches, public speakers, designers, photographers, virtual assistants, financial planners, network marketers, you name it, you’ll find them here.

Some are at the top of their field with decades of experience having built businesses well beyond seven figures. Others are just getting started.

One commonality: we’re gracious in sharing our ideas and expertise with others.

And thanks to the diversity of businesses and owners, you’ll regularly discover new ideas and proven processes you’ve never considered before.

You’ll meet these fellow solopreneurs face-to-face during our virtual networking sessions.

There you’ll likely find others facing similar challenges to brainstorm ideas with… and others who have already overcome them who are happy to lend their advice.

Naturally, you are encouraged to share your experience and expertise as well.

You never know when showcasing your knowledge, resources and connections with fellow business builders will lead to exciting new partnerships and opportunities.

Like you, we’re busy building our own businesses amid other daily challenges.

We understand it’s easy to get so “head down” in those day-to-day activities you forget to hit the “pause” button to continue learning and growing.

Which is why we calendar our most popular member benefit well in advance…

Free World-Class Business Training

Whether you’re just getting started or want to take your business to the next level, it pays to take the time to learn and grow your skills.

The most effective entrepreneurs have learned the only way that’s likely to happen is if you schedule it.

As the newest member of our community, you’ll get immediate help with our live, expert-led training sessions. They’re conducted by Zoom so you can join us from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Join live and you’ll not only learn helpful business skills, you’ll get to ask any lingering questions on the topic.

Did I mention these are world-class presentations with true subject matter experts?

Sales and marketing topics are covered frequently, such as:

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - Big Idea Marketing with Bond Halbert

How to come up with truly BIG ideas that set your headlines and offers far apart from your competition taught by copywriter Bond Halbert, son and protege of legendary copywriter Gary Halbert.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - 5 Elements of Successful Headlines with Mark Everett Johnson

How to write headlines that instantly grab your readers’ attention taught by copywriter Mark Everett Johnson, who has written and tested 3,800 headlines and subject lines in the last three years.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - The 4 Levels of Content Marketing with Bob Bly

How to create content that transforms browsers into buyers taught by bestselling author and copywriter Bob Bly, who has written and published more than 100 books.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing with John Crestani

How to make a fortune promoting other businesses’ offers taught by affiliate marketer John Crestani, who has built an 8-figure affiliate marketing empire.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - LinkedIn Lead Generation with Sonda Eunus

How to generate loads of business leads on LinkedIn taught by agency founder Sonda Eunus, recognized as a top under-40 digital marketing agency owner in Florida.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - More Word of Mouth Referrals with Matt Ward

And how to get your clients to make referrals like clockwork taught by marketing champ Matt Ward who charges thousands of dollars for his workshops on getting word of mouth referrals.

Of course, your business needs a solid foundation to enjoy long-term success.

That’s why other training sessions dive into the nitty-gritty details of starting and running an effective solopreneur business:

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - Unbeatable Business Planning with Burke Franklin

How to create an effective business plan taught by Burke Franklin, developer of one of the world’s leading business plan software solutions that’s helped more than two million business customers.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - Building an Email List with Alison Proffit

How to build a responsive, cash-generating email list taught by profit coach Alison Proffit who cut her teeth on email marketing as an insider at Constant Contact.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - Cash Flow Management Secrets with David Safeer

How to keep cash flowing into your business taught by David Safeer, strategic advisor to Fortune 100 companies who also understands the unique cash flow needs of small business.

Solopreneur Success Connections Live Training - How to Rock the Virtual Stage with Rich "Trigger" Bontrager

And how to use the principles of broadcasting when speaking to a camera to totally rock the virtual stage taught by 30-year broadcast veteran Rich “Trigger” Bontrager.

Naturally, as The Solopreneur Coach™ and founder of this community, I jump in occasionally to teach on a variety of topics myself.

You could easily invest thousands to get this kind of in-depth training from us. And it would be worth every penny.

But you get a free ticket to attend every live training session – for life – when you become our newest Solopreneur Success Connections member today.

It’s my personal mission to help solopreneurs like you start and grow their own business…

…so today I’m inviting you to join FREE for LIFE!

And that’s not all. As a member you also get…

Exclusive Member Benefits

One potential disadvantage of solopreneurship compared to working in a big company, or paying high association fees, is the lack of mass buying power.

That’s why I’ve lined up exclusive member benefits for our community, saving you money on the kinds of products and services you already use and value as a business owner… and beyond.Member Deals Savings

You’ll discover new benefits added frequently as I continue negotiating on your behalf.

Head straight to our Member Rewards & Resources page to take advantage once you’re inside… and keep an eye on your email inbox so you’ll be first to know of new member benefits.

I’m sure you’re ready to get started right now.

You can scroll right to the bottom of this page now and enroll for everything I just told you about free for life.

But hang on, because first I want to show you how to…

And There’s STILL More…

Getting your business off the ground – or taking it to the next level – requires an incredible investment of time and energy.

However, this often results in time conflicts.

Sadly, the laws of physics still prevent you from being in two places at the same time.

Which is why I’m rewarding busy solopreneurs like you who join my community with access to everything you need to grow a strong business. For example, you get…

Recordings of every training session is yours!

Every training session you saw mentioned on this page – and many more – were recorded… and you get instant access to ALL the recordings when you say Yes to becoming a member today.

This used to be a paid Patron-only benefit but my vision is to help one million solopreneurs start and grow their own business… so I’m holding nothing back.

And yes, you’ll continue to get access to each new recording as its released following every training session.

And now you also get free access to our monthly business-builder mastermind.

Each month, our members assemble in our special Zoom-hosted mastermind to lend each other a helping hand.

This is where you both give and get direct support, guidance and feedback from other business builders from various industries. Glean from their wide array of experience and share your own.

Again, it’s the diversity of businesses represented that ensures you can always count on new ideas that can carry your business to the next level.

Keep Looking… There Is No Catch

I’ve built multiple successful solopreneur businesses. And I get great satisfaction and joy from helping others succeed.

That’s why I’m making this community chock full of all these amazing resources available to you at no cost.

When you say yes to yourself in a moment you’ll…

  • Get a free ticket to every live member training…
  • Watch and listen to every past training recording…
  • Access our live monthly masterminds…
  • Enjoy full transcripts from the Solopreneur Success™ podcast…
  • And open up every single member benefit described above.

Just for becoming part of the Solopreneur Success Connections™ community today.

Here’s where success starts…

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Free tickets to live training

All training session recordings

Live monthly masterminds

Solopreneur Success™ transcripts

Member deals, discounts & more

Always Free!

Get Started

I look forward to welcoming you into our community.

Remember, you get instant access as soon as you complete your enrollment on the next page.

See you inside!

Steve Coombes
The Solopreneur Coach™

P.S. Still have questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions section below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to travel to participate?

No travel is needed. All training sessions are conducted with Zoom webinars so you can join us from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! You will need a Facebook account to participate in the optional (but recommended!) private, members-only group where members communicate on a daily basis. We may have in-person events in the future but all current member benefits are accessible online.

Is there any obligation to purchase anything else or continue with my Solopreneur Success Connections membership?

There is zero obligation on your part to purchase anything. Your Solopreneur Success Connections™ membership is free for life. No credit card or billing information needed!

I have not started my business yet. Would this membership be appropriate for me?

Yes! Learning from others’ experiences and getting their feedback during the initial planning stages can help you get your business off the ground quickly and in the right direction. For the best results, I recommend accepting my Business Breakthrough Session offer, if currently available, which includes a Solopreneur Success Connections membership.

My business already has employees so I’m not a solopreneur. Would this membership be appropriate for me?

Absolutely. Members of our community come from numerous industries at every stage of business from pre-startup through terrific success. Business owners at every stage of business will discover strategies, techniques and make vital community contacts. In fact, you might even find your next customer or JV partner inside our community. We don’t allow spam, but we do allow cross-pollination of ideas and discussion of opportunities in our private member area.

Is there anything else that sets Solopreneur Success Connections apart from other communities?

Unlike some events and communities where you’ll hear an F-bomb dropped every other sentence, I work hard to keep our community family friendly. Our family has teenagers who have owned various businesses from a young age but I would be quite uncomfortable for them to participate in some events and communities that have otherwise great information due to unnecessary rough edges. We insist our instructors, podcast guests and members at every level maintain a proper level of professionalism in all our events and channels by avoiding profanity and vulgarity. This way you get the best training and support without sacrificing decorum to get it. You’ll never be embarrassed by what your kids may hear or see over your shoulder when you’re participating in this community!