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When you join us live for this special, one-time-only free headline clinic with famed copywriter Mark Everett Johnson, you can have your headline upgraded by this A-list copywriter completely free.

Mark has specifically asked me to find the BEST possible headlines for him to beat… live.

Few can match Mark’s copywriting chops, whose copy has earned his clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

His epic subscriber acquistion copy for the Mayo Clinic Health Letter netted more than five million paid customers and grossed over $125 million.

Target Marketing called it “the most successful promotion ever created for a monthly periodical.”

Mark’s copy for Prevention magazine brought in half a million new subscribers through direct mail… and another half million through direct response television.

And his fundraising letter for a new grassroots lobbying effort put the group on the map with 300,000 responses and $3.6 million in new revenue.

In fact, it may still be the only direct mail letter to have ever been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

And that’s just a few of Mark’s many wins. His copy has brought in many millions more for other clients including Rodale, GQ magazine, Yankee magazine, TIME-LIFE, Independent Living, WebMD and the list goes on…

But Mark’s absolute specialty is writing headlines.

Over the past three years, Mark has written and TESTED no less than 3,600 headlines and subject lines. He knows exactly what’s working right now.

In short, he knows how to take a strong headline and make it even better.

Short on time? Here’s all you must know to get in free:

1) Get a 30-day free membership trial using the button at the bottom of this page to get to enrollment form.

2) Attend Mark’s free training at 1pm on Wed, April 29th (add the Zoom link straight to your calendar with 1 click from the Upcoming Training Schedule page in your Members area).

3) Keep your membership or cancel anytime with the click of a mouse. Easy peasy.

Now YOU Get Mark’s Expertise – for FREE!

You could invest thousands in Mark’s copy. And it would be worth every penny.

Or, you can join us live this Wednesday, April 29th at 1pm ET to learn directly from the master how to tune up your headlines.

And… if you provide your BEST performing headline Mark will review it and attempt to improve it LIVE during this unique headline clinic.

(As time allows. Join the call early to give your headline a shot at a live review!)

Smart marketers know their headline determines whether their prospect keeps reading… or throws their promotion right in the trash (or goes to your competitor’s website).

That’s why even one tip from Mark – even if you don’t have a control headline for him to review – can equal thousands of dollars in your pocket.

And you get to attend this headline clinic free when you take a 100% free, 30-day test drive of my brand new Solopreneur Success Connections community.

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Hello and welcome!Steve Coombes

I’m Steve Coombes, Solopreneur Success Coach and Founder of the all-new Solopreneur Success Connections community.

Every month we host another powerful business training session with a world-leading expert like Mark Everett Johnson.

Every live session… and every recording… is free for members.

And every one brings one of the top experts on the planet to teach and interact with you live. Other past and upcoming sessions include:

The 4 Levels of Content Marketing with Bob Bly

Legendary copywriter Bob Bly broke open the secrets of the direct response marketing industry to the masses with his book, The Copywriter’s Handbook. A prolific writer, Bob is the bestselling author of more than 100 published books.

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Matt Ward built a highly successful web agency largely by word of mouth. By the time Matt sold his agency in 2018, he had perfected the art of getting word of mouth referrals – not having to advertise or market at all the last four years he ran the agency. Today, Matt delivers keynotes and workshops to audiences around the globe on how to build a business on word of mouth referrals, lifelong customers and raving fans.

Cash Flow Management with David Safeer

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Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing with John Crestani

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I’ll tell you exactly how to accept your free trial in a moment, but first I want to tell you about the other member benefits you’ll get instant access to when you enroll…

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Free Admission to Virtual Networking

One of the best ways to build relationships in the real world is through face-to-face conversations where you get to really know each other. In our Zoom-faciliated virtual networking sessions, you’ll get to make real connections with other members one-on-one or in small (3-5 people) groups.

Member Rewards & Resources Galore

As a business success coach, I get asked all the time for recommendations on specific resources. In one special community page you’ll find my most highly recommended resources and special member-only discounts on a wide array of business products and services (and some for your personal life, too).

Everything I’ve described is yours free, right away, when you enroll now.

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Which brings me to the price.

There’ll Never Be a Better Time to Join Than Right Now

Soon, others will pay $49/month to join our Solopreneur Success Connections community.

But when you act now to secure your 30-day free trial, I’ll also gift you a lifetime of locked-in savings.

Take the full 30-day free membership test drive. Attend Mark’s live headline clinic. Enjoy every single member benefit. All without paying one cent.

Then, only if you agree I’m deliving insane value for the price, instead of $49/month you can continue your membership for just $27/month – for life – as my personal welcome gift to you.

That’s right.

You SAVE $22.00 every single month (nearly half off!) for the life of your membership.

But you must act now to secure your free seat in Mark Everett Johnson’s one-time-only live headline clinic this Wednesday plus all the member benefits already described in this special offer.

However… there are only 500 seats available for this special event.

When our member rolls exceed that amount, I’ll be forced to withdraw this special offer.

Don’t delay… say “Yes!” now and reserve your spot while you still can.

As soon as you complete your enrollment on the next page, go straight to the “Upcoming Training Schedule” section of the Members area to put Mark’s event on your calendar.

Now all you need to do is get started. I look forward to seeing you inside!

Steve Coombes
Solopreneur Success Coach

P.S. Still have questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions section below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to travel to participate?

No travel is needed. All training sessions are conducted with Zoom webinars so you can join us from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! You will need a Facebook account to participate in the optional (but recommended!) private, members-only group where members communicate on a daily basis. We may have in-person events in the future but all current member benefits are accessible online.

Is there any obligation to purchase anything else or continue with my Solopreneur Success Connections membership?

There is zero obligation on your part to purchase anything or continue your Solopreneur Success Connections membership past your initial enrollment period. You may easily cancel your membership at any time during or after the trial period directly from your member website or through the support email address provided at registration. If you decide to remain a Solopreneur Success Connections member, you will be automatically billed the monthly or annual rate you agreed to upon accepting your membership for as long as you wish to remain a member. Even when rates increase, you will enjoy the lower rates you reserve today for as long as you remain a member.

I have not started my business yet. Would this membership be appropriate for me?

Yes! Learning from others’ experiences and getting their feedback during the initial planning stages can help you get your business off the ground quickly and in the right direction. For the best results, I recommend accepting my Business Breakthrough Session offer, if currently available, which includes a Solopreneur Success Connections membership.

My business already has employees so I’m not a solopreneur. Would this membership be appropriate for me?

Absolutely. Members of our community come from numerous industries at every stage of business from pre-startup through terrific success. Business owners at every stage of business will discover strategies, techniques and make vital community contacts. In fact, you might even find your next customer or JV partner inside our community. We don’t allow spam, but we do allow cross-pollination of ideas and discussion of opportunities in our private member area.

Is there anything else that sets Solopreneur Success Connections apart from other communities?

Unlike some events and communities where you’ll hear an F-bomb dropped every other sentence, I work hard to keep our community family friendly. Our family has teenagers who have owned various businesses from a young age but I would be quite uncomfortable for them to participate in some events and communities that have otherwise great information due to unnecessary rough edges. We insist our instructors, podcast guests and members at every level to maintain a proper level of professionalism in all our events and channels by avoiding profanity and vulgarity. This way you get the best training and support without sacrificing decorum to get it. You’ll never be embarrassed by what your kids may hear or see over your shoulder when you’re participating in this community! (Are your kids in business, too? Ask about my special program for kids!)