After taking a three month “vacation” from publishing new episodes of the Solopreneur Success podcast, I’m excited to return with a bang… featuring weekly interview episodes on Fridays as before and new weekly solo episodes every Tuesday.

And even more great news! I have three months of interviews banked, ready to edit and publish. I’ll be using virtual assistants to relieve some of the podcast editing load as well as a new system detailed in this episode to stay on track.

Make sure you’re subscribed so you won’t miss a single episode, including upcoming interview episodes with:

  • New Zealand cartoonist and marketer Sean D’Souza who shares his unique world view including how he takes a real, planned three months of vacation every year…
  •  World famous copywriter and prolific author Bob Bly who just published his 100th book…
  • Affiliate marketing guru John Crestani who got fired from his job in his late 20s then turned around and built a $500K/month business while traveling the world, and…
  • Customer experience strategist Jill Raff who helps companies of all sizes deliver world-class customer service.

In today’s first solo episode, I share how life gets in the way of those big but less urgent goals… and a terrific checklist system created by fellow coach and writer Patrick Buggy of Mindful Ambition that I’m now using to ensure my personal priorities remain front and center to get accomplished.

In his Daily Wins Checklist, Patrick provides three different formats to start from:

  1. Extreme Focus – A highly-focused monthly calendar style checklist to ensure ONE specific action gets taken every day.
  2. Well Rounded – A daily checklist with a handful of key activities to track all week long.
  3. All Inclusive – A truly comprehensive checklist for those who want to track every important daily action in one place.

Personally, I found the “Well Rounded” checklist resonated most with me and created the checklist seen below based on that.

In today’s episode I explain what each of my daily action items mean and how you can use a similar checklist to supercharge your own results.

Take a look at my checklist (click to view large size)… then check out the additional resources below, including Patrick’s checklist article, for more help.

Steve's Daily Wins Checklist

Important Links & Mentions

Daily Wins Checklist
Read Patrick Buggy’s article introducing his Daily Wins Checklist.
Daily Wins Checklist article

The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
Are checklists for you? They’re good enough for doctors, engineers and airline pilots… and you’ll understand their true power in your business, too, after reading this excellent book.
The Checklist Manifesto (Amazon affiliate link)

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The One Year® Chronological Bible
This is the current Bible reading plan I mentioned in this episode. Read the Bible through roughly in the order events happened in history! Free to register and use.
Free Chronological Bible One-Year Reading Plan

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