Chaos surrounds us all. Whether at your desk, in your home or in your brain, you’re almost guaranteed to find it. A professional organizer like Erika Salloux can help you declutter and focus on what’s important.

In today’s episode, Erika discusses her journey as she transitioned from freelancing to organizing, the importance of boundaries, and her recent business reinvention.

Listen now and discover:

  • Why money shouldn’t be your primary motivation for following a job.
  • Why you need to embrace your shadow side instead of pushing it away.
  • How to think about worst-case scenarios.
  • Why you should be a thermostat, not a thermometer.
  • Why boundaries are extremely important, especially with our tech.

Important Links & Mentions

Erika Salloux’s Website

SSP043 Establishing Tech Boundaries with Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste

Kevin Kruse’s Time Management Article in Forbes

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