David Safeer specializes in helping rapidly growing companies survive when they hit a cash crunch. But if you’ll listen to the cash flow management advice he gives during this episode you may never face one in the first place.

Listen and learn:

  • Where to find the cash that’s already in your business
  • 4 warning signs that signal an impending cash crunch
  • 4 types of expenses and how to prepare for them even when they’re randomly occurring
  • The big problem with monthly cash flow planning
  • How to quickly forecast your future available cash with increasing accuracy
  • Why growing companies often face a cash crunch even when your accountant says you’re profitable
  • Several easy ways to quickly raise cash when you need it NOW
  • One line of credit you should NEVER take on (under ANY circustance)
  • The tricky truth about “silent” partners
  • Plus several more no-risk, simple ways to get cash in your bank account fast

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David Safeer’s YouTube Channel

Book: Get Paid!: 5 Steps to Getting Your Invoices Paid on Time, Every Time by Jan Reeves

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