Direct marketing pro Mike Capuzzi says if you want to quickly build credibility with prospects and turn them into new customers, there may not be a more powerful way than by offering them a short, helpful book that solves real problems using your expertise.

Mike has worked closely with the likes of Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. And he earned a permanent place in the hearts of thousands of marketers when he invented the world famous, hand drawn CopyDoodles®.

Now he’s helping business owners who want to differentiate themselves from their competition and quickly increase sales by writing and publishing short, helpful books (shooks™) their future customers actually read… with dozens of business growth success stories.

Mike admits having a bestseller is nice. One of his own books, The 100-Page Book, sat at #1 in multiple categories on Amazon for months. But turning your book into a powerful sales tool has nothing to do with bestseller ranking on Amazon or hitting any other bestsellers list.

In this interview Mike shares what’s working today, including:

  • How shooks™ are ideal even for brick-and-mortar business owners who simply want to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Why it matters that potential customers actually read your book instead of simply keeping it on their shelf.
  • How easy it can be to write books by focusing on very specific topics that solve problems for their customers in an hour of reading.
  • The ease of creating entire series of books by breaking down big topics into multiple points addressed by each book in the series.
  • Important first steps to start with in order to get your book written so it becomes a sales tool making you money ASAP.

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Visit Mike Capuzzi’s Bite Sized Books Publishing Website

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The 100-Page Book and The Shook Quick Start Guide

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