Founding and running a business is difficult enough as it is. One of the best ways to support your business growth is through effective marketing. Learn how from marketing coach Danny Decker who started his business in a spare bedroom and grew it to a 7-figure marketing agency in just 5 years.

In today’s episode, Danny talks about the lessons he’s learned along the way, and he gives some easy, practical tips that can help any business owner grow their business better with an effective marketing strategy.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why finding a niche is more effective than marketing to everyone.
  • How to build and maintain more meaningful relationships with past clients. (Far more important than getting new clients!)
  • Why shifting the focus of your marketing can dramatically improve results.
  • Why your existing social circles are an important resource that successful business owners use to their advantage.
  • How to take almost anything you’re good at and turn it into a business.
  • Why having a team could mean the difference between a 6-figure business and a 7-figure business.

Important Links & Mentions

Danny Decker’s Automatic Marketing Machine Website

Free Marketing Resources from Danny Decker

Marketing Simplified Book

The Automatic Marketing Machine Book



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Solopreneur Success™ Transcript

SSP055 Simple Ways to Make More Money Through Marketing with Danny Decker

Danny Decker:

You are going to be more successful as an entrepreneur, as a solopreneur, as a business owner, if you can focus in your marketing. Because if you’re trying to market to everybody, what really ends up happening is you’re actually not marketing effectively to anybody.

Steve Coombes:

You’re listening to marketing coach, Danny Decker. Danny started his own marketing business in a spare bedroom, then promptly grew it into a seven-figure enterprise over the next five years helping small law firms increase their business. Danny has authored two books on marketing from his wealth of knowledge on this subject and you’re about to benefit from it because Danny is today’s guest on Solopreneur Success.


Welcome to the Solopreneur Success Podcast, where successful business owners gather to share true stories and sound advice to help you start and grow your own solopreneur business. Come soar with us and design the life you love. Now, here’s your host, Steve Coombes.


Hello, solopreneurs. Today, I’m interviewing marketer Danny Decker, author of Marketing Simplified, and the upcoming book, The Automatic Marketing Machine, which is actually a great segue into what we’re talking about today, simple ways to make more money in your business through marketing. So, Danny, welcome to the show.


Steve, thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here. I’m a big fan of your show, and I’m really looking forward to this conversation.


Awesome. Hey, I appreciate you listening. I’m excited to have you on the show because you’ve done what many solopreneurs dream of doing, and they’re maybe either taking the first steps or they’re stuck in the grind along the way, and that was you. You took a business that you started, I’m just kind of giving out some of your story here, I’m going to let you share more of it, but you started in a spare bedroom of your apartment and turned it into a seven-figure business in just five years. That’s amazing. I’d love for you to tell us a little bit about that business, and what did you do? How did you get that started?


Yeah, I would love to chat about that. So, I took my first job out of college in 2010, working for a small legal marketing agency. After about a year of doing that, I came to the realization that “I think I could do this on my own, and I really want to start my own business,” so myself and a partner started in the spare bedroom, as you stated, and the funny thing is, for about the first two years, we were just kind of treading water. We started out as a marketing agency working for any type of small business, really anywhere in the Miami, FL area. So, we were not really focused, we had a wide range of services, and a wide range of different clientele that we worked with.

We were treading water for about two years, and then we got some really important advice from our business coach, and he basically said “you guys need to get a niche. You need to focus in and get specific,” and the way we did that was we looked at our 15 or so clients, we say “which one’s our best client?” and we had around three or four small law firms as clients, and they were great clients for a number of reasons, so we made the decision “from here, moving forward, we are focusing our business on small offers, and we are narrowing our menu of services so that instead of offering everything under the sun, we just stick to the four or five things that we do really well.”

As soon as we made that shift, within just a few months, we started to take off, and within two years, we had gone from just two guys in an apartment, barely making it, to seven figures, 10 or 11 full-time employees, clients all over the country, and we never looked back.


Yeah, that’s terrific. They say the riches are in the niches, and that’s so true, because what you’re doing is you’re specializing and you’re providing a very specific solution to a very specific problem, and that’s why people pay you the very specific big money. So, that’s terrific.


That’s exactly right. As you mentioned, I have a book coming out called The Automatic Marketing Machine, and one of the key points that we make at the beginning of that book is that you are going to be more successful as an entrepreneur, as a solopreneur, as a business owner, if you can focus in your marketing, because if you’re trying to market to everybody, what really ends up happening is you’re actually not marketing effectively to anybody, so that is really step number one that I preach to businesses of all sizes. You have to have a niche. It’s just helpful in so many different ways.

It’s especially helpful, I think, for the solopreneurs of the world. Maybe you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget because, if you’re trying to market to a wide audience with a tiny budget, you’re not making any impact for anybody. You just can’t reach a large audience with a real small budget. When you have a much smaller audience, you can focus your spend, and you do a lot better. Totally agree with you. The riches really are in the niches, especially for smaller businesses.


Of course, before you’ve got your niche, you still have to get clients of some type, so everybody is like “where do we start?” How did you get your first client? That’s what everyone wants to know. How did you get started in the first place?

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