Congratulations on your decision to coach with Steve Coombes, The Solopreneur Coach™.

Steve only coaches beyond Business Breakthrough Sessions on a by-invitation basis.

The fact you’re on this page means Steve already believes you have strong potential and has personally invited you to coach with him to achieve rapid success – not only in business but also in how your business impacts your personal life.

Before taking the next step and accepting this invitation, please understand you and Steve are making a mutual one-year commitment to yourselves and each other to work on and rapidly improve your business together.

Only accept this commitment if you understand that it will take openness during your coaching sessions with Steve about the state of your business and life and hard work between sessions to implement what you’re learning in order to get the most out of your investment.

This ELITE 1-year coaching agreement includes:

  • A lengthy assessment form for you to complete prior to our first session
  • A 90-minute Quick Start Session with Steve prior to your first regular session to refine our focus for success in upcoming sessions*
  • 36 regular 30-minute sessions with Steve to focus on your business growth and challenges (generally 3x/month)*
  • Any promised incentives which Steve will have relayed via email (if applicable)

* Note: Regular sessions will typically take place on the same day of the week and time as agreed during coaching. Sessions missed without 24-hour advance notice or extenuating circumstances will not be made up.

Finally, understand that all results you will achieve in your business are always up to you. Steve will be your coach, but you must run the plays to succeed. If you’re ready to make that happen, let’s get started!