Tom Parslow combined his early love of computer programming with his new hobby as escape room enthusiast to create a protitable solopreneur business.

From a humble start he grew a strong reputation in the escape room industry and personally helped save it after it was shut down virtually overnight by coronavirus restrictions.

Listen and learn:

  • How Tom started getting “checks in the mail” as a teenager by programming and selling computer software
  • The simple question his Gamesmaster Dad asked Tom that brought him into softare development for the escape room industry
  • How recognizing pain points in the escape room business led to a significant software business opportunity
  • Why an imperfect product that solves a real need can succeed despite poor marketing with persistance and regular improvements
  • The surprising way Tom got his first customer for his new escape room software
  • How to use Facebook groups effectively to reach your audience without spamming
  • Why competition is a good thing (and lack of competition isn’t)
  • How Tom found multiple new customers when he attended his first escape room convention
  • The important step Tom took to help the entire escape room industry pivot when it shut down for COVID-19
  • What’s new in Tom’s escape room software development (inventory management)

Important Links & Mentions

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Buzzshot Escape Room Software

Telescape Live Escape Room Inventory Software

Tom Parslow on Twitter

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